Unreal Engine Plugins


I made a few plugins for Unreal Engine in order to keep my scripting skills sharp and to get my Level Design pipeline more effective. Plugins on the Unreal Marketplace are paid content, but I am open to share a free copy for review.

Bookmarks Manager (July 2020)

This Editor Utility Widgets allows to create and manage an unlimited number of bookmarks across multiple levels and games. Basic usage doesn’t require any technical knowledge but how to run the Widget. After running the widget once, the plugin will always stay open and be ready to be used. Bookmarks are local, but multiple users can view and edit bookmarks if if the plugin is shared using source control system.


– Add new bookmarks
– Edit bookmarks’ coordinates
– Edit bookmarks’ names
– Lock camera to currently selected bookmark
– Rearrange bookmarks
– Remove bookmarks
– Select specific bookmark
– Select closest bookmark

The Bookmarks Manager is available on the Unreal Marketplace.

Checkpoint and debug systems (May 2019)

This plugin was made using Editor Utility Widgets, at the time a new feature in UE4.

The checkpoint system allows to quickly setup checkpoints just dragging a checkpoint actors inside of the level. A manager allows to edit setups and to spawn the player from the desired checkpoint for debugging purposes.

The plugin is used by students at Vancouver Film School, but it’s not released on the marketplace because its current iteration works with the game mode, which would require buyers to customize the content to make it work with their games. An agnostic version of this plugin is in the works.

Please read this LinkedIn article if you want to know more about the plugin.