Joel Ponzio

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer

La Cossira Tour Operator

– Designing, creating and maintaining dynamic websites
– Synchronizing online booking applications with desktop systems, using self-made XML-based web services
– Collaborating with the sales department, focused on improving user experience and brand awareness
– Working with technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, etc.



Puzzle/platform made in Unreal 4

Being the only developer in a six-people team formed with audio designers and actors, I covered different roles, like:

Game and Level Designer, designing the game on paper and implementing it in engine, using the blueprint system
– Narrative and Cinematic Designer, writing the narrative then using the Level Sequencer system to create in engine cinematics
– Project manager, managing the off-site team, recording sessions, shootings, schedule and the pipeline


– Unreal development
– Problem solving methodologies
– Rapid prototyping
– Optimization and planning


VFS Game Design

– 2-years-in-one
– program in Vancouver
– Focus on game design, art and code for games
– Industry focused environment, where students works on various solo and team projects, taught and mentored by industry veterans


– Unreal Engine 4
– Premiere Pro
– Adobe Photoshop
– Sketchup
– Pivotal tracker
– Perforce
– Adobe Audition
– Unity 5
– Lunar magic


– RPG, FPS and strategic games, such as the Mass Effect, Battlefield and Total War series
– The sea and water sports, especially freediving
– Traveling: new places and cultures always inspire me



CITY                Vancouver, Canada